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Welcome to Hil-arious Dads

We all know that dads are the funniest people on the planet, but sometimes they can be a little too cheesy with their corny jokes. On top of that, Dads can be tough to shop for because they either seem to have everything they need or are tough to impress. Hil-arious Dads is here to help. We provide hilarious dad jokes on premium t-shirts and hoodies so you can get your daily dose of laughter. Our dad joke shirts are available in Spanish and English. 

With Hil-arious Dads, you can enjoy quality time with your dad without cringing at his jokes (he'll just point you at his shirt over and over). We provide the entertainment, so you can sit back and relax.

We sell funny joke shirts that play directly to what dads love. They love puns, if only for the expression you make at them. They love silly jokes about the human body, finding them endlessly amusing because dads are just boys at heart. They like animal jokes because they relate to how goofy animals are. Dads love jokes celebrating beer and sports because, let's be honest, they love those as much as they love you (if not more!).

That's why a nice dad joke shirt is a great gift. A funny shirt for dad pulls him aside and tells him you love his sense of humor or at least you'll put up with it. Funny joke shirts are a great way to bond. Check out our collections page today for items in your dad's favorite categories!