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Whether you're celebrating your dad, grandad, or a significant father figure in your life, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift. Luckily for you, we've cracked the code. Is your dad constantly cracking jokes? You've likely had to endure your dad's cheesy puns as a child. Whether they made you laugh or roll your eyes, these dad jokes successfully gave your dad a chuckle. Celebrate your dad by letting him know you love him and his goofy humor through a fun clothing item. Check out our large selection of funny shirts for dads that are guaranteed to make them laugh.

Benefits of Wearing Funny T-Shirts

Your dad can convey first impressions and personality through his clothing. Help your dad share his fun dad jokes with a dad joke shirt. Funny shirts for dads bring positivity and humor in a comfortable shirt. Reading a witty pun on a shirt every day will make him feel good and spread positivity in his dad. With a great fit and design, dad joke shirts leave positive, long-lasting impressions on the people your dad will meet. A quality funny t-shirt is a great gift to give to your dad as he'll be able to wear it whenever he wants. 

Types of Funny Dad Shirts

With so many dads in the world, there are numerous puns and one-liners to choose from for your dad. Hil-arious Dads supply comfortable and affordable funny shirts for dads to wear year-round. Make your dad laugh out loud with stylish and durable clothing apparel. Browse our selection of funny shirts for dad to find the perfect punchline.

Can February March? No, But April, May!

Are you looking for a dad joke shirt that cleverly plays with calendar months and double meanings? This hilarious calendar shirt for dad plays on the joke that February cannot walk in an organized way since it's a month, but April 'May' be able to. While March is a month, the word also means to walk at a regular pace. May is synonymous with the verbs 'can' or 'might.' This cozy hoodie will keep your dad warm from cold weather in several colors and sizes.

What's a Christmas Tree's Favorite Candy? Orna-mints.

Celebrate the holiday season with festive funny shirts for dad. When your dad opens up this gift, he'll make all the jokes rein this Christmas. The front of this dad joke shirt is aligned with rows of Christmas trees, while the back of the garment has red and green spiral mints hanging like ornaments. Customize this ribbed knit crew neck shirt for your dad in a large selection of sizes and color schemes. Finding cozy funny shirts for dad has never been easier with this Christmas-themed shirt's soft cotton fabric. 

What Do You Call A Hot Dog On Wheels? Fast Food!

Tickle your dad's funny bone with this witty dad joke about fast food. We've printed a hot dog on both sides of this soft cotton fabric to showcase this hot gag. This funny dad joke is available in multiple colors.

What Kind Of Salad Do They Serve At The North Pole? Iceberg Lettuce.

Food jokes are an essential part of funny dad vernacular. If your dad loves nutrition, he won't be able to resist this witty Salad pun shirt. Help your dad share his great humor at his favorite healthy food shop, the doctor's office, and when working out.

Hil-arious Dads provides a variety of jokes and apparel to choose from in our products catalog. Let your dad know you still think he's funny after all these years with the perfect humorous dad jokes shirt. 

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